Are you doing software testing? And are you doing it optimizing your effort?

In our days, the demanding to reduce the time to market is becoming almost insane.With the always increasing complexity (risk) of the systems at the same time that we have shorter development cycles (time) with the advent of the agile methodologies, software testers are always under pressure to ensure more quality with less effort (cost). Is it possible?

Short answer: yes!

In most of the cases, yes, it is possible. However, the solution is rarely to reduce the testing effort. Instead, you should focus on how to optimize it (delivering more value with the same effort it’s also a way to reduce costs)! In this workshop, we will discuss the main points of waste in the testing activities and put in practice several techniques (and advices) to help on reducing the waste while optimizing the effort.

This is a practical workshop so you will need a white A4 page, a pencil (or pen) and a windows based laptop because besides the techniques, you will also install and learn how to use a simple web testing automation tool.